The 3rd generation of a Cantonese property developer wanted to re-position the 3rd generation owned family Feng Shui culture brand. From a Feng Shui calendar they aimed towards a branded retail format with a wide product range all around the core concept of their family Feng Shui heritage and market leadership.


Based on quantitative research and deep desk research we reframed and redefined their Feng Shui business and brand strategy for Chinese Millennials. This included an omni-channel retail format designed with their brand identity, custom products and packaging, all according to Feng Shui rules.

Client Name


Project Types

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

fengshui brand positioning chart
fengshui brand logo pattern white on dark green
fengshui brand logo inspiration and ideation

Brand Concepting

Fengshui Brand Logo Sketching and Dimensions
Fengshui Brand logo with Chinese brand name
Fengshui Brand Color Pallets and Inspiration
Fenshui Chinese brand logo identity design

Brand Identity System

Chinese Fesgshui Brand Visiting Card Mockup
Chinese Fesgshui Brand Envelope Mockup
Chinese Fesgshui Brand Price Tag Mockup
Chinese Fesgshui Brand logo ideation
Chinese Fesgshui Chinese Cultural Branding
Chinese Fesgshui Cultural and art Branding
Chinese Fesgshui Brand White Visiting Card Mockup
Chinese Fesgshui Brand Book Cover Mockup

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