The owners of an existing successful jewellery retail chain wanted to start a new brand that mainly focusses on branded E-commerce in China, hyper focused on urban millennials.


Based on our business and brand strategy, we designed an online retail concept focussed on men's fashion jewellery with a unique product range and a co-branding business model.

Client Name


Project Types

Brand Identity

Brand Positioning

Celucci brand purpose pyramid with brand values, brand positioning, brand personality, Celucci consumer
Celucci Brand Strategy & Identity Design of picking right color
Celuccie Jewellery Chinese Brand Essence Gif
celucci chinese fashion jewellery brand typography gif
Chinese Jewellery Celucci brand tones of standard colors

Brand Concept

for centeries men have been seeking for style, stylish man posing for men's Jewelry fashion shoot
new mens jewellery brand Celucci men stylish rings for whole hand
male model posing with fashionable celucci modern jewellery rings and watch, men have been seeking for meaning
men have been seeking for beauty, model hands with Chinese celucci jewellery ring and watch

Brand Identity System

chinese celucci brand identity on Chinese design magazine, model and bracelet
Celucci design and jewellery brand activation and identity banner with male fashion models
Chinese brand Celucci jewellery packaging box for bracelet in black color
Chinese brand Celucci jewellery packaging box for bracelet shopping bags

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