Metagem is a platform-driven digital fashion brand that enables brands, companies and designers to connect to the IOT. In order to source investment and new clients, the business required an innovative looking visual style which was both consistent and professional.


In order to create a strategic positioning, we researched the existing and new electronic jewellery brands and based on the product roadmap and business objectives, we designed a B2B identity for Metagem.

Client Name


Project Types

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Activation

Brand Identity

Orange branding Metagem Logo Grid Animated
Orange branding Digimatic IOT Product Range overview
Orange branding Metagem Responsive website on various devices

Communication Design

model metagem smart jewelry neckless and bracelet
Orange branding Metagem Website animated
metagem brand identity app mockup

Space Design

metagem retail jewelry store interior
metagem interior design wall
metagem white retail booth opening
metagem white retail booth opening ceremony

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