Dowan is a well selling company on Amazon that wanted to create a brand purpose with an international outlook and brand image for new sales channels in the USA and EU.


We reframed the purpose to a meaningful and relatable concept and redesign all brand assets for the client. Additionally we set-up the new ecommerce proposition and build and executed the strategy.

Client Name


Project Types

Brand Activation

Brand Insight

Dowan social media channel chart with big web shops like amazon overstock
Dowan tableware brand identity moodboard
dowan web shop prototype

Brand Activation

tableware set of ceramics
Dowan ceramics packaging showcase
dowan tableware ceramics website advisement designed by orange branding
Dowan tableware design amazon advertisement
dowan design ceramics set showcase by orange branding
Dowan tableware design activation and branding
Dowan ecommerce retail digital marketing on Instagram and tweeter
Dowan tableware lifestyle ceramics website branded and designed by Orange branding
Dowan tableware designer Dinner plate
Dowan tableware designer coffee cups

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