The client wanted to be more visible in premium online and offline stores to create a high-end positioning in the European market and establish premium sales points and distribution.


After ZENS's new localized identity and elevated brand image, we further created new activations (Flagship Boutique, Co-branding, Ecommerce) and introduced these successfully to European premium tea retailers.

Client Name


Project Types

Brand Localisation
Brand Activation

Brand Localisation

Zens tableware brand core value chart
Zens Tableware Brand for oriented lifestyle
zens tableware brand product packaging box
zens tableware branded tea set designed by orange branding

Digital Brand Design

Zens Tableware Brand Activation Instagram Post
Zens Tableware Brand Activation magazine for zens
zens tableware brand activation paper clippings
zens modern lifestyle tableware ceramics company app

Retail Activation & Design

Zens Amsterdam showroom map
branding zens teashop Amsterdam store watercolor sketch by Orange Branding
zens lifestyle crockery showcase retail opening Amsterdam
Zens Shop Window Display
zens tea retail store opening ceremony in Amsterdam

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