Deconovo is a star seller on Amazon however it wanted to give the brand more allure and a more global identity to grow the brand to more online platforms in the USA and the EU.


With multiple workshop on brand strategy and brand innovations we created a new way of activating the brand and give it a higher perception in campaigns: SEO, SEA, PPC, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon+, Amazon Prime

Client Name


Project Types

Brand Digital Strategy
Digital Identity
Digital Activation

Online Brand Design

good home decoration design collection by deconovo
deconovo home decore lifestyle curtain packaging
deconovo home decoration Packaging Designed by orange branding

Online Brand Activation

deconovo lifestyle home decor mobile app activation designed by orange branding
deconovo lifestyle home decor app activation on mac designed by orange branding
deconovo home decor amazon advertisement
deconovo ecommerce brand logo on different accessories and products
deconovo online marketing ads by orange branding

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