Graphic Designer is responsible for following up the works of the creative team and handle all guide books, production files, create in-design files and PPTs of brand books.
You understand the art of presentation and have an eye for detail and excel in creating consistently good work, while keeping an eye on the brand consistency of the client.



  • Create VI and CI books
  • Elaborate on PowerPoint presentations
  • Save and archive files orderly and manage brand assets
  • Develop InDesign templates
  • Create instructions and guidelines


  • Excellent in all graphic suites, PS, AI, ID, InDesign
  • Proven file archiving abilities
  • Organized working style,
  • Understanding of production files and formats
  • Archiving of files and secure file format transferability

Required knowledge:

  • Excellent in all graphic suites
  • Presentation skills in Chinese and English
  • Graphic (layout) design
  • Project management ability
  • Understand hierarchy of information
  • Typography


  • Proven production examples
  • Work that is logic, organized and crisp
  • At least 2-3 years works experience

problem solving skills:

  • Use logic to create index proposal for guidelines
  • Able to set-up templates and grids for InDesign
  • Able to set-up file archive systems and folder names in English and Chinese

Communication skills:

  • Optional: English language written & spoken;


  • Work at first from home; our new location is pre-paring for a new team
  • You can work individual and are proactive
  • Excellent English for calls, writing and presentations
  • You show proven design and project management skills
  • Portfolio in 1 document under 20MB
  • portfolio preferably made in InDesign OR designed and organized neatly


Orange Branding is a Dutch brand design agency in China and Amsterdam that works with two types of clients:

  • Asian companies that want to become an international brand
  • Foreign brands that want to enter the Asian market

We provide our clients with brand services that range from Brand Strategy (positioning, brand strategy, innovation) up to Brand Design and Market Activation set-up.  In-house we manage the design processes of: Logo, VI/CI, Product & Packaging Design, Retail Design, Digital Design (UI/UX), Marketing Communication and Brand Touch-point design.

Our partners execute the Influencer Marketing Strategy and Campaign, and Programmatic Advertising for our Digital Brand Clients.
Ideally you have experience as designer in an Agency, or have exceptional skills and work.

You will work on projects in various industries like: Consumer electronics, lighting, FMCG, automotive, home decor, luxury, jewelry, fashion, government, homeware, etc.

Your job will also include management tasks and work closely with the account managers, CEO, expert advisors and partners in Amsterdam, Singapore, Guangzhou, Shanghai. However, your main job is to manage and guide the designers and work alongside with them on executing design projects. You must have a natural curiosity and have excellent design skills and able to work in 2D and some 3D software.



If you are available per direct? We can provide you with detailed Job Description or discuss these opportunities by video call at first and after meet in Porto for further details.

Call with us in WA:        +852 6936 7081 / 


                     Mr York (Jorg van den Hoven)

Web:                             careers.orange-branding.com.cn