Students that are open for an international experience, are hands-on, and want to learn the practical sides of SPD (Strategic Product Design) and IPD (Industrial Product Design) from real cases and clients in China. You should be fluent in English – Dutch or Chinese would be an extra asset.



You will be part of our strategy execution and/or design team and share your analytical and creative insights with our Chinese team and clients.
Due to the pace of business in China and the number of clients we have, you can expect a number of your graphic/industrial/strategic designs to go into mass production and widespread international use that, in turn, will add validity to your portfolio and increase your employability prospects beyond that of your peers working at slower small-scale Europe-only studios.


SPD students:  will work on cases for re-positioning of existing brands and creating new brands. You will contribute by combining your logic and creative skills to translate strategy and tactical plans into visual instructions for client and design team. Students will also touch upon digital marketing and influencer marketing.


IPD students:  will take part in conceptual design and positioning of new products, retail chain concepts, marketing communication materials and brand touch points by analysing consumer behaviour and customer insights, e.g. retail journey experience, user experience, retail fixture innovations. You may also occasionally have the opportunity to learn DFM (design for manufacture) skills when working directly with factories, providing you with one of the most sought-after expertise which all young European creatives lack further increasing your career prospects.


Our placement offer can only be in Amsterdam or Guangzhou (China when students can travel freely again) and should last 5-9+ months to have an optimal learning experience. Our placement is all year round, and can start anytime when selected.
We have a student manual available for you, with all your questions like expenses, visa, insurances, flights, housing, etc. answered, email



  • Send your resume and work files to
    1. Resume as PDF
    2. Work files as Link please
  • Include a short motivation in English why you want this placement
    1. Short introduction
    2. Why Amsterdam/Guangzhou
    3. How Orange Branding fits into your 5/10+ year career plan
    4. From when you can start, how long you intend staying

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Project Types / Internship Role Types:

  • Design Management / Brand Strategy
  • Strategic Branding Design
  • Identity Design
  • Retail Design
  • Product Range Planning / Product Industrial Design
  • UI/UX


 ORANGE BRANDING is the first, largest and only Dutch branding and design agency in China since 2005, set up by Delft Alumni. We provide full-service brand strategy and brand design including new product ranges, retail and brand communication for our clients in Europe, China and Indonesia.

We offer an exciting placement opportunity for branding and brand design!



If you are available per direct? We can provide you with detailed Job Description or discuss these opportunities by video call at first and after meet in Porto for further details.

Call with us in WA:        +852 6936 7081


                        Mr York (Jorg van den Hoven)