Zens is an established retail brand in China and wanted to go global via Europe and the USA, however the brand, product concept and activation required a localisation and positioning strategy.


We redefined the brand identity for the EU and USA, created a mini flagship boutique, an consistent international packaging, and built the online proposition for the EU including brand collaborations (Simon Levelt, BMW, TU Delft).

Client Name


Project Types

Brand Strategy
Brand Design
Brand Activation

Finding Essence

Zens tableware brand core value chart
Zens Tableware Brand for oriented lifestyle

Shaping the Brand

Zens logo background volor variations between black and gray
Zens logo background inspiration and ideation
Zens typography ideations
Chinese tableware ZENS visiting cards front and back
Tableware ceramics packaging design by orange branding

Pushing the Message

Zens Tableware Brand Activation magazine for zens
zens lifestyle sales promotion Amsterdam
ZENS tableware store interior design
Amsterdam lifestyle ceramics store entrance Amsterdam
Zens ceramics opening ceremony in Amsterdam
zens modern lifestyle tableware ceramics company app
Zens Tableware Brand Activation Instagram Post
male model posing with ZENS team cups

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